15 Famous Celebrities' Awesome Behaviors Caught On Cam

Some of us look up to celebrities when it comes to fashion and lifestyle. We believe that they have such an awesome life that we cannot help but copy them. But celebrities are still human you know, and they do strange things too! Just look at these pictures!

Will Smith proudly presenting his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith to the public. Funny yet lovable! Jada would be a fool to let go The Fresh Prince!

Keanu Reeves doing a wacky pose with the cheerleaders. I'll bet these girls would be talking about him for years.

Mike Tyson kissing a bird may look off to you knowing how mental he was in the ring. This is his gentle side folks, so treasure it!

A happy, worry-free Leonardo DiCaprio is something that you cannot see everyday. Looks like the Orlando Bloom - Justin Bieber skirmish made his day huh!

Jude Law playfully shoving a movie ticket on the camera is really funny. Cute guy!

Jennifer Aniston ready to burst into tears makes you think she's unhappy. Come on Jen, you've been waiting for that!

A shocked Penelope Cruz caught on camera. Even if she did not give any comment, action speaks louder than words!

Hugh Jackman dancing Gangnam style with Psy makes me adore this hunk more!

Hayden Panettiere holding hands with a real-life Avatar. Is she making her husband jealous?

This fat Bradley Cooper is a nightmare to the fans who were used to seeing his ripped body. Good thing it's only for a role!

Paul McCartney taking a bite of food from his daughter. He's really hooked up in the game huh!

Mel Gibson goofing with a stuffed animal. I really missed the acting prowess of this brilliant guy.

Bret McKenzie showing his dance moves. Maybe he wants to shift into a new career - alone!

Eva Longoria being helped with her train by a stranger. A gentleman or just having his photo taken?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt being cool on cam. This dude had gone quite a transformation - from geeky kid to cold-blooded killer. Only in movies!

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