16 Of The Funniest Parent Lies That Kids Grew Up With

They say parents are the first teachers of their children. They are the ones who teach them values necessary to make them ready to socialize with other kids the moment they go to school. Values like honesty, respect, and more. Yet some parents did not hesitate in lying to their kids just to make them obey them as fast as they can. See if your parents also told you the same lies growing up!

Bears are parents to coconuts.

Giants are buried on the hills.

Rumble strips on the road are meant for blind drivers.

Scallops are dolphin balls.

The dog is mom's spy.

Ears turn red when you lie.

Why hurricanes have girl names.

Earthquake is caused by two planets fighting.

Ice cream truck plays music when it runs out of ice cream.

The breasts have two different flavors.

People are only allowed 10,000 words per month.

Santa wants Doritos and a beer.

Oil spots on the street were kids run over by cars.

Penguins live in the fridge.

The seat recline button flies the plane.

Gums can make poops bounce up and down.

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