20 Hacks That Prove WD-40 Is God's Gift To The World

Remove graffiti with a few bursts, rather than paying hundreds of dollars for a new paint job.nbsp;

There's nothing worse than getting dog poo off your shoe.nbsp;Spray some on the affected sole and then use an old toothbrush to get it off easy.nbsp;

Spray a thin layer of WD-40 on a shovel blade and the snow will slide right off, making it easier to move the stuff.nbsp;

You can also use the magic liquid to removenbsp;chewing gum from hair. Just spray some on and comb out with ease.nbsp;

Stop wasps from building nests this Spring by sprayingnbsp;WD-40 under all thenbsp; nooks and crannies nbsp;of your house.nbsp;

Winterproof boots and shoesnbsp;by giving them a coat of WD-40. It'll act as a waterproof barrier.nbsp;

A short burst of WD-40 will convince a stuck ring to slide right off.

Remove decals and stickers easily with a few squirts of WD-40.

Instead of using expensive cleaning products, spray a little WD-40 in your bowl andnbsp;swish with a nylon toilet brush tonbsp; dissolve the gunk and lime.

Simply spray some WD-40 onto marker and crayon marksnbsp;and wipe with a clean rag. It won't damagenbsp; paint or most wallpaper.

This also works on upholstered furniture.

Spray WD-40 on leather furniturenbsp;and buff with a soft cloth tonbsp; clean, penetrate, lubricate, and protect the leather.

You can get rid of stubborn grease stains with a few squirts too.nbsp;

Spray anbsp;barbecue grill,nbsp; wait a few seconds, and scrub with a wire brush to make it look like new.nbsp;

Spray carpet stains with WD-40, wait a minute or two, and then use your regular carpet cleaner to remove the stain with ease.nbsp;

You can even give your license plate a new lease of life.

Get glue off of your fingers by spraying a little bit on your hands.

Much like bolts, stubborn zippers can also be loosened usingnbsp;WD-40.nbsp;

To remove tea and coffee stains from counter tops, spray a little WD-40 on a sponge or damp cloth and wipe the stain away.

And to top it all off, WD-40 makes excellent insect repellent.nbsp;

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