20 jobs it's hard to believe actually exist (25 Photos)

Ostrich Babysitter (South Africa) Just like babysitting kids, but with ostriches.

Breath Odor Evaluator (bubble gum/mouth care companies) Normally hired by mint and toothpaste companies, these people will smell bad breathe until the minty freshness has done its job.

Toques (Mexico) In Mexico there are actually people who walk around with batteries giving people shocks. Supposedly it sobers them up.

Professional Snuggler (Japan) There are actually professional snuggle cafes where people are paid to snuggle others.

Professional Mourner (usually Asia and Africa) These people are paid to cry at funerals.

Cuidacarros (Brazil) These guys watch your car when you’re gone and beat up anybody that tries to steal it.

Chicken Sexer (anywhere there are chickens) These people have one job – figure out if the chick is male or a female.

Professional Elephant Dresser (Sri Lanka) People are paid to dress the elephants for ceremonies.

Professional Sleeper (Finland) A Finnish company made headlines recently when it advertised this position. Apparently they needed comfort levels to be checked.

Professional Iceberg Mover (in the ocean somewhere) Because of incidents like the Titanic, there are people who clear icebergs out of the way for ships.

Professional Hitchhiker (Indonesia) The government has restricted some lanes of traffic to only cars with 3 or more people due to overcrowding. Poor people from the city outskirts take advantage of this by offering drivers to ride with them in the “fast lanes”.

Human Scarecrow (United Kingdom) There have been stories of students actually doing this part time. I hope they at least get to look at their smart phones.

Flatulence Smell Reduction Underwear Maker There are people tasked with designing undies that are smell resistant.

Gum Buster If you have a passion for gum-free tables, theaters, and sidewalks, just know that there are people out there who will hire you. Via list25

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