20 Things That you have Done and Will do at least once in your lifetime

You know those thoughts and actions you think and do during awkward moments and situation? Other people have thought of them and did them too. Whether it's thinking of lying to your dentists to the organization of your clothes, other people can really relate - yes, for years your parents have been telling you that you are special and unique; but really, you are just a normal, average person - just kidding you really are special and unique. Uniquely laughing at this post, because you just realized you really can relate to the following situations - well, there is no use denying it, just have a good laugh!

That moment when you think if you are going to lie or tell the truth about your flossing

When you buy trail mix just for the challenge in eating your M and Ms

That is also the moment when you really want to shout USE LANGUAGE!!!

Whenever you check the balance of your bank account - simply heartbreaking

When you are having the time of your life explaining something and then somebody interrupts you

That moment when you just checked the time and completely forgot what it was seconds later

You need to do it, You know you do - just close your eyes and do it.

That awesome moment when you feel like a professional wrapping paper cutter

Turn it off!! For the love of God Turn it off !!

Remember when you were single (or you still are); all you needed was food and games (for men mostly)

The moment when your doubting your answers cause your teacher is playing a prank on you

You tend to be more drunk when you are alone, can you relate?

That paranoid feeling you get when you just closed and locked your door.

You know the answer, but this is a big deal - so i better double check it with a calculator

That scumbag paintroller, too absorbent or not too absorbent, it can't decide

YOu always get to experience driving with these people - somehow they know that you are on the streets

You know you have done it at least once in your lifetime

oh its a beautiful day? but the new game just came out, better compromise.

You know you are going to get fat when you are in your day off

The chaotic organization of your clothes is actually systematic

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