Meet The Pug Who Might Just Be The Smallest In The World

This is Pip. She weighs about a pound and stands less than four inches tall.

Pip was born in January along with three siblings, but unlike her brothers and sisters, she had a cleft palate and was half the size of a normal baby pug.

“I couldn’t believe it – she was just so tiny,” the Daily Mail quoted Joanne Astley, her owner, from Dudley, West Midlands. “She must be Britain’s smallest pug – if not the smallest pug in the world."

Since her birth she's developed a big personality, but hasn't grown much as far as size goes.

“People stop and stare – they can’t believe she’s real, they all think she’s a toy," said Astley. 

Vets say that she's completely healthy other than her palate, though the cleft has caused her to suffer from bouts of pneumonia.

Now four months old, Pip is about half the size of a normal purebred pug.

But don't bother telling her that. She's got enough sass to handle anyone of any size!

Pip's human said that when she takes her out, she keeps her in her purse, making her the absolute cutest fashion accessory that could possibly exist.  All hail Pip!

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