They Might Be Ridiculous, But These Concepts Ideas Are Absolutely Genius!

Some people just have the brains to make a difference in order to make life more interesting. Some of them are brilliant while some are just annoying. See how you will find their genius ideas.

This is a great way of encouraging people to complete their workout.

Oh, yeah! I would love to see how this movie ends huh!

I like watching TV shows like this as long as the dialogues are not based on scripts.

That's fresh! The audience wants to see how hosts deal with the challenges themselves.

Hmmm…Interesting but with allergies, there might be a reaction to new allergens.

A game huh! Somewhat interesting! Especially to people who are in a rush to eat.

I love this idea! Trees are more cheerful to look at than tombstones!

I can't wait for someone to do this! But using real crocodile? No!

This could work if free airfare and accommodation will be provided by the organizer.

I would like to see that on live TV...for free!

In times like this, it won’t be nice to do this when we all need Ebola vaccine to survive.

This would be a bad joke to women who will find themselves ditched on Valentine’s Day.

Why would I care about Lorde’s song becoming untrue? I’m not Katy Perry’s boyfriend!

Why not make Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for real instead? Makes more sense!

As long as both leaders can save the Earth from extinction…fine with me!

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